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First Frame Video Services


Legal | Medical | Safety | Orientation | Marketing | Video News Releases

We provide:

  • Production design and consultation (including recommendations on best use of video and script writing)
  • Location video photography using our Sony digital camera and Lectrosonics wireless audio packages;
  • Post-production/editing services using our Media 100 non-linear video production system
  • Web streaming services -- video and audio created for viewing directly on the web
  • Audio transfer services -- let us transfer your reel-to-reel, cassette or other audio to CD
  • Equipment includes:

  • Sennheiser MD-421 studio microhophone
  • Marantz portable digital audio recorder
  • 360 Systems Shortcut digital audio recorder/editor
  • Panasonic SV-3700 professional digital audio recorder (DAT)
  • Oatri MX-5050B reel-to-reel audio recorder
  • Talent (voice and on-camera) services
  • Mass duplication - need 3 copies? Need 300? No problem.
  • Broadcast news monitoring services (7 day a week news monitoring services are provided with WBMA ABC 33/40 in Birmingham). Other TV and radio monitoring available upon request. Overnight shipment and rush service, including web-streaming, available.
  • Your production can be delivered on video tape, CD-R or DVD.
  • Specialty Areas:

  • Legal

    Extensively experienced in creating video for litigation purposes, including mediation and Day-in-the-Life productions. Experienced in providing consultation/advice on best use of video to achieve a particular legal point. We will take great care to make sure your video message effectively communicates your case through compelling video and sound. Your case will be handled professionally, courteously and in strictest confidence.


  • Medical

    We have been very successful in creating easy to understand productions explaining upcoming surgical procedures and preparations necessary for patients to maximize their surgical outcome. Our productions help ease a patient's anxiety about an upcoming procedure, and allow the physician to convey important information that may not get the attention desired during a standard clinic visit.

  • Safety

    First Frame's safety videos effectively communicate to workers the need to stress safety during every minute on the job. When presented on video, safety information has a much more effective impact on employees since it shows possible job-site hazards so much more vividly than any other medium. Video is also proving to be an effective communications tool for workers whose reading skills are poor, and also provides assurances to an employer that the employee has viewed the necessary material. We also create safety and training videos in other languages.

  • Employee Orientation

    Nothing gives employees a clearer understanding of their work environment and administrative structure than actually being able to see the people and offices where they will be working. Our orientation videos allow employers to devote exactly the amount of attention desired to each specific topic. First Frame's orientation videos have included overviews of company operations as well as specific information on what's expected of workers as well as what they can expect in their work environment.

  • Marketing

    Whether it's a product you make or a service you want the world to know about, nothing is more compelling or convincing than video. We can help you with ideas to creatively show and illustrate your message. An on-site demonstration of your message isn't always feasible. But capturing your demo on tape and allowing a potential client to view it at will is easy and cost effective. Many businesses are discovering that the cost to produce printed material (especially color) is far outweighed by the power and flexibility and video. A Frame video production will get your marketing message across with impact!

  • Video News Releases

    Our extensive experience in the broadcast television industry uniquely qualifies us to assist in designing video news releases that stand-out from the rest of the crowd. Getting publicity on television newscasts isn't easy. But proper design of a news release package goes a long way in helping make it attractive to broadcasters for possible coverage. By drawing on our decades of broadcast news expertise, we design releases stations will feel compelled to air.


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