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First Frame Video Services

Like many other projects, creating a video production (whether for tape, CD-ROM or other media) is a multi-step process. Which steps you take-and when you take them-play a direct role in the overall success (and cost) of your effort.

We have created this section to help you get the most out of your investment of time and money.

So, you want to create a production, ehh?

Create a written script of what you want to actually say in the production. That may sound foolishly basic, but we find that this step is frequently overlooked! It doesn't have to be in elegant prose just yet, but getting those key points down on paper is important.

Review the script carefully. Is all the information factually accurate? Are the items in the correct sequence? Have you missed any points that need to be included? This is a critical step -- that's because it's easy to make any changes now. By waiting to make changes later in the production process, you may incur additional labor and cost. First Frame Video can help you fine tune the script as needed.

STEP 3: Upon final script approval, create a list of specific scenes or actions to be shot on video. You can use your script as a guide to make this easier. Every scene should help support the spoken message in some way (we call this video referencing). Let your producer know about any special scenes, titles or effects you have in mind.

Select any talent that may be required, whether voice, on-camera or both. We have access to many excellent male and female talent providers. If you need assistance on the best sounding voice, a good producer should be able to help you (and we will!).

Schedule a crew to shoot video on-location. Remember that any steps you take to help the crew accomplish its task (e.g. arranging clearances and scheduling times for shooting) will help make the entire process move more smoothly. By contrast, if a crew has to wait several hours, for example, before being able to shoot a scene because of inadequate planning or scheduling, your production costs are likely to increase, especially if additional shooting time is required.

Make plans to sit in on at least some of the post-production (editing) process. This will help familiarize you with the kind and amount of work needed to create an effective video message. Watching your production "in progress" will also help to give you an idea of how the project is coming along, allowing you to be even more comfortable with the finished product.

And there you have it!

At First Frame Video, our experience in video production and design allows us to help you in creating video that delivers your message with impact.

Need more information? Contact us - we'll be glad to assist!

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